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What Is a Healthy Diet?

A healthy diet is a diet primarily consisting of food in its’ most natural state.  Essentially...raw fruits and vegetables, grains, beans etc.  Virtually anything edible that grows in the ground or picked from trees. 

In some ways, what is a healthy diet for one person is not necessarily so for others. However, our food requirements are not much different than most other animals.  This is just the way nature had intended things to be. Processed food should be as minimal a part of your diet as possible, if you really want to maintain a healthy diet.

Before you run away screaming, there’s good news...

Real food actually tastes delicious, once you've weaned yourself off the sweet stuff and other junk food.  Yes, I know..those snacks are mighty tasty…but they're not very nourishing at all.  The relative lack of nutrients makes your body think you haven't had enough to eat. You eat more. You get fat and overweight. You don’t want to go on that way, do you?  I didn’t think so.

What will you find on this natural health website?

The following pages will help you on the road to a more healthy lifestyle…in a sensible, easy-to-read manner. The diet suggestions are practical tips you can fit into your lifestyle gradually.  I cover everything from natural food choices, to stress, your ideal weight, calories, and food allergies. And there's more to come. I show you how all those factors are related as well.

You don’t have to follow everything to the letter in order to maintain a healthy diet.  You can even have the odd treat once in a while…just don’t make a habit of it, or you’ll slip right back to your old, unhealthy ways.

Why obesity is such a problem

It's no secret. An alarming number of people are overweight or obese. Not only is it unhealthy from a personal standpoint, it costs our health systems billions of dollars every year to treat illnesses that are a direct or indirect result of not maintaining a natural, healthy diet, and a lack of exercise.  It leads to an endless roller-coaster of prescription drugs to fix the problems associated with a poor diet.

This isn’t the way to go.  Drugs won’t fix the underlying problem, only mask it.

Did you know..?

Practically all the nourishment your body needs to enable you to feel absolutely healthy is available from Mother Nature..yes really!

Check out the rest of this'll see.

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